Ammonia water N20-22

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Ammonia water is a highly effective fertilizer for cereals, vegetables, potatoes, beets and perennial grasses. Due to its effect on yield, ammonia water is not inferior to solid ammonia-nitrate fertilizers, and during drought even dominates them.

Ammonia water is a solution of technical ammonia in alkaline reaction water, in which the share of ammonia is not less than 25%. It is a clear or slightly yellowish liquid with a pungent odor.

Slight opalescence is allowed when transporting aqueous ammonia in tanks.

Aqueous ammonia is stored in airtight containers indoors or in specially designed storage containers.

Ammonia water is applied with the help of special machines that provide immediate application of fertilizer to a depth of at least 10-12 cm on heavy soil and 14-18 cm on light soil. This depth protects the ammonia from evaporation. Some loss is possible on heavy carbonate soils with alkaline reaction.

Surface application of ammonia water, as well as its small embedding in the dry topsoil, is not effective.


CharacteristicNorms Brand A (OKP 21 3325 0200)Norms Brand B (OKP 21 3325 0200)
1AppearanceTransparent colorless liquidClear colorless or yellowish liquid
2Mass fraction of ammonia, %, not less2525
- in terms of nitrogen,%, not lessNot normalized20,5
3Mass concentration of non-volatile residue, g/dm³, not more0,07Not normalized
4Mass concentration of carbon dioxide, g/dm³, not moreNot normalized8

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