CAM 28

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LLC “CHIMPROMGROUP” produces the base brand: CAS-28, with a mass fraction of nitrogen of 28%, respectively. Fertilizer in the form of a light yellow liquid. has a wide range of applications in technologies of cultivation of agricultural crops. It is used for foliar, root feeding of plants in the form of multicomponent tank mixes, for the main fertilizer, before sowing cultivation and at irrigation of crops in all soil and climatic zones of Ukraine.

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1Mass fraction of total nitrogen,%27,0-29,0
2Mass fraction of ammonium nitrate, %37,0-42,0
3Mass fraction of urea, %29,0-33,0
2Mass fraction of alkalinity in terms of free ammonia, %0,05-0,50
3Mass fraction of inhibitors (orthophosphates and total phosphates) in terms of P2O5, %0,01-0,015
6Density at temperature, g/cm³1,265-1,285


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