(Українська) КАС 32

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As a part of CAS – 32% of nitrogen, and it is in 3 forms:

  • Nitrate form – 8% – is immediately absorbed by plants.
  • Ammonium form – 8% – is also available to plants and gradually turns into nitrate form.
  • Amide form – 16% – is perfectly absorbed through the leaf, the particle that is not absorbed, gradually turns into ammonium, and then into nitrate form, becoming available to the root system.

A very important characteristic of CAS is neutral pH, while other nitrogen fertilizers (except urea) have an acid reaction environment.

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1Mass fraction of total nitrogen,%31,0-33,0
2Density, g/cm³1,306-1,326
4Mass fraction of ammonium nitrate, %43,0-48,0
5Mass fraction of urea, %33,0-37,0
6Mass fraction of Novokor inhibitor, %0,010-0.015


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