NPK 16: 16:16+6S

Price 24000 

Nitroammofosk fertilizer (N 16 P 16 K16) is one of the most popular. It contains three main components that are necessary to ensure the normal quality of plant life at different stages – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK). It is applied to the main and presowing introduction.

Nitroammophoska is one of the most well-known fertilizers, produced in the form of granules with a pink and milky color. Thanks to the use of nitroammophoska, you can get a full harvest and achieve good plant development. In addition, nitroammofoska contributes to the rapid adaptation of newly planted plants in a new place, and is able to increase the winter hardiness of a wide variety of crops. Nitroammophoska is perfectly soluble, and therefore it is often used for foliar top dressing.


1Mass fraction of total nitrogen N,%16 ± 0.7
2Mass fraction of total phosphates in terms of P,%16 ± 0.7
3Mass fraction of water,%, not more1.0
4Mass fraction of total potassium K2O,%16 ± 0.7
5Mass fraction of sulfates in terms of sulfur,%Not normalized
6Statistical strength of granules, MPa, not less3,0
8Particle size distribution. Mass fraction of granules of size:
- from 2 to 5 mm,%, not less98%
- less than 1 mm,%, not more3
- more than 6 mm,%0


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