Ammonium sulfate granular

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Sulfur-containing nitrogen fertilizer used on all types of soils (prevents acidification on acidic soils) and for all crops.

Regulates the growth of vegetative mass, increases crop yields, increases plant viability.

Sulfur, which is part of the fertilizer, helps to increase the proportion of protein and gluten in wheat, oil content in sunflower, soybean and rapeseed.

Ammonium nitrogen of ammonium sulfate is not washed out of the soil and is well absorbed by plants.


1Mass fraction of nitrogen in terms of dry matter,%, not less21
2Mass fraction of total sulfur,%, not less24
3Mass fraction of water,%, not more1,0
4Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid,%, not more0,1
5Statistical strength of granules, MPa (kgf / cm2), not less0,7 (7)
6Mass fraction of water-insoluble residue,%, not more0,17
7Particle size distribution. Mass fraction of granules of size:
- less than 1 mm,%, not more5
- from 1 to 6 mm,%, not less95
- more than 6 mm,%missing


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