Sulfoamophos 20:20:13

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Sulfoamophos – a complex three-component fertilizer, contains not only two main trace elements – phosphorus and nitrogen, but also a mesoelement – sulfur. The universal composition of the fertilizer allows it to be used on all types of soils and for all crops.

Sulfoamophos improves the quality of cereals by increasing the protein content and the percentage of gluten, in sunflower, rapeseed and soybeans increases the oil content.

It is used both for the main and for sowing, as well as for fertilizing plants. Suitable for soils with a high content of mobile potassium and low content of mobile sulfur. For soils with sulfur deficiency sulfoammophos can be considered as a sulfur-containing fertilizer.


1Mass fraction of total nitrogen N,%20 ± 1
2Mass fraction of total phosphates in terms of P,%20 ± 1
3Mass fraction of water,%, not more1,5
4Mass fraction of sulfates in terms of sulfur,%13 ± 1
5Statistical strength of granules, MPa, not less3,0
7Particle size distribution. Mass fraction of granules of size:
- from 2 to 5 mm,%, not less90
- less than 1 mm,%, not more3
- more than 6 mm,%0


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